Agrometrics Market Information system (AgMIS)

AgMIS provides critical market information in real time to the growers and dealers/packers so that informed decisions can be taken to maximize grower and dealer returns. Data exchange would be automated between various real time data sources and Agrometrics Servers.

Calculated metrics and information will be provided back to the participating dealers and stakeholders in real time. Data confidentiality and security will be given highest priority at Agrometrics. Proprietary metrics will only be available to the data owners and averages would be computed to anonymize the results. Such market information metrics include “Fresh Weighted Average Price (FWA) and Grower Return Index (GRI).

AgMIS: Reported Market Information Metrics

AgMIS Sample Chart: Potato Weekly Shipments and Prices by SKU

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Agrometrics Sales Performance Analytics (AgSPA)

AgSPA is a service geared toward dealers/packers so that they can be aware of daily performance of their sales teams versus the industry. Packers will be able to find out if they are sacrificing price to gain much needed volume to stay afloat. Daily sales performance of dealers will be benchmarked, anonymized, and shared among the participating dealers.

Sales managers can be aware of their relative performance in the industry and can take corrective measures before it’s too late. Since the ranking is based both on price and volume, it promotes healthy competition and results in better profits for growers and dealers. Information collected through AgMIS will be used to provide this service.

AgMIS & AgSPA – Benefits

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Agrometrics Revenue Optimization Model (AgROM)

AgROM is a sophisticated optimization model that will factor in various market forces impacting supply and demand in relationship with price and recommend optimal shipping volumes and prices to maximize the revenue while helping with the strategic decision making in terms of pacing the shipment levels for rest of the season. It considers resource constraints and macro factors as well. It is valuable planning and decision making tool for packers and organizations.

AgROM: Recommendations and Output

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Agrometrics Category Analytics for Management (AgCAM)

Category management is a key aspect of marketing and sales departments and is associated with determining the point of optimization in pricing, promotion, shelving and assortment to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction. Markets are driven by changing consumer trends and have implications for retailers, dealers/packers, growers, and industry organizations.

AgCAM service provides insights into consumer behavior in order to change product, pricing, promotions, and assortment in a way that maximizes sales volumes and profits. We utilize Nielsen Scantrack, Nielsen Homescan data as well as dealer and grower-level proprietary data in performing analysis using cutting-edge mathematical and statistical models and coming up with the recommendations for each market participant.

AgCAM: Our Approach to Category Management – Data Driven

First step of AgCAM is to identify the downstream element supply chain, the consumer. Without doubt, current-day markets are driven by the consumer. Therefore, it is important for producers and packers to know the latest consumer trends in consumption as well as host of economic and demographic factors affecting consumption of food item under question. Not only consumers not look for just generic products, but they look for specific brands, attributes such as color, size, packaging, taste, convenience, etc. Therefore, it is very important for the growers and packers to understand the diverse consumer preferences and attributes that current-day consumers are looking for. Understanding economic and demographic factors affecting purchase, delineated by diverse set of product attributes are important for producers as well as other players in the supply chain such as packers and retailers. Furthermore, prices for products that consumers are willing pay also are determined not only by supply and demand forces, but a host of quality attributes consumers desire with respect to prodcut.

Agrometrics would evaluate the proprietary data from packers to identify the potential opportunities for improvement with respect to products and customers (retail stores).

AgCAM: Sample Pyramid/Product Segmentation Analysis

AgCAM: Sample Buyer Trend/Loyalty Analysis

AgCAM: Benefits

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Agrometrics Risk Management (ARM)

ARM is the risk management solution from Agrometrics designed to help growers manage risks while maximizing their profits. Risk management is vital for any grower and there are a host of measures available in the market such as insurance, timing of sales to leverage on high prices (early harvest and sell late when inventories are short), forward contracts with processors, input pre-pays (fertilizers, chemicals, fuel), and hedging price risk using commodity futures markets.

ARM: The Role of Agrometrics

ARM: Benefits

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Agrometrics Quality Assurance Analytics (AQAA)

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Agrometrics Production Optimization (AgPrO)

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Agrometrics Technology Consulting (AgTeC)

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