Industries are embracing analytics and data driven decision making to ensure their continued economic sustainability. Different segments of the produce industry are also rapidly utilizing analytics and technological solutions to stay ahead of the competition. IBM research found that organizations that apply data analytics are 4 times more likely to outperform others.  A survey of 900 businesses found that 66% of companies that invested in data analytics saw a return on investment within one year.
At Agrometrics, we recognize that technology can be complex and expensive to employ. Small businesses often lack the expertise and resources to benefit from latest technology and analytics. That is why, we offer you the Agrometrics Advantage.

Aggrego Advantage

  1. State of the Art Technology & Talent

  2. Agriculture Domain Expertise

  3. Exceptional Service Quality & Support

  4. Data Security & Confidentiality

  5. Rapid Service Development

  6. Cost Effectiveness

Is your business ready to take Agrometrics Advantage?

Farmers are price takers and receive only a small portion of the prices consumers pay while the retail chains absorb a major portion of the prices paid. In this light, stake holders in a industry such as growers, packers, and organizations must work together through information sharing to optimize the prices and profits they receive. This is critical for sustainability of the industry as a whole. Agrometrics provides and facilitates such information sharing for the benefit of stakeholders in various agricultural industries. Buyers of your products may not be a reliable source of pricing information due to conflict of interest.

Services from Agrometrics have added benefits of being:

Real Time

Customers can login and access up to date information in real time and use it in decision making for improved profitability.


Customers can slice and dice the data and reports to see information in various perspectives as needed and make comparisons between markets, varieties, SKUs, and prices.

User Friendly

Complexity will be eliminated and useful information for decision making will be presented in a user friendly visual format that is easy to understand and interpret.

Would you like to have REAL TIME pricing and volume information available to your sales desk?

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Benefits of Services from Agrometrics