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Our Offerings

"Monthly Magazine
providing trusted
intelligence for the
potato market "

"A Quality Check and
Assessment software
for agri-produce,
meeting the food safety

"Web and App based
Solutions that facilitates
a single window to get
legal permits for
agriculture commercial
vehicles in USA "

"A complete Farm
Management Solution
with integrated
analytical tools "

Services from Agrometrics have added benefits of being:


Customers can login and access up to date information in real-time and use it in decision-making for improved profitability.


Customers can slice and dice the data and reports to see information in various perspectives as needed and make comparisons between markets, varieties, SKUs, and prices.


Complexity will be eliminated and useful information for decision-making will be presented in a user-friendly visual format that is easy to understand and interpret.

Powerful Defect Diagnosis by Image Analysis



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